To me, something just seems out of place here. For months, hundreds of NFL players have insulted me and most of the people I know by refusing to honor our National Anthem, our flag, and the American dream that’s taken them where they are today. They’ve been spitting in the faces of the fans that pay them millions of dollars a year and on the graves of the brave men and women who gave their lives to protect their freedom to “do what they do”. Through all of this, the owners and executives in the NFL have pretty much supported the players’ rights to “express themselves”.  Now, this Cam Newton guy made just 1 unpremeditated derogatory remark to 1 female and the whole NFL world has gone bat s@#t, upside down crazy because of his “unacceptable and reprehensible” behavior. While I would certainly agree it’s “unacceptable and reprehensible” behavior, Why is the other situation not?

And now there’s this whole Harvey Weinstein/Lisa Bloom thing. Talk about an upside down mess. I didn’t even know who these people were until I started hearing the buzz yesterday and I researched a little. In case YOU don’t know, Harvey Weinstein is an Academy Award-winning movie mogul who’s apparently been molesting his women employees for over 30 years and everybody “knew about” it. Lisa Bloom is an attorney who’s claim to fame has been representing women who’ve been abused by people like Harvey Weinstein. Now She’s had a change of heart and she’s defending Harvey Weinstein. There’s more folks- Remember all the Hollywood celebrities that were so outraged over Trump grabbing a woman “you know where” are all 100% defending Harvey Weinstein behavior. Can anyone explain to me how people can reconcile their values in these situations?