1. “Deep State” added to Webster’s Dictionary this year due to Trump exposing them for what they are.
  2. Another Trump Win: Fed Cuts Interest Rates
  3. Trump Signs New Law To Protect Innocent Small Business Owners From IRS Seizures
  4. July 17, 2019- Trump sends 2,100 additional troops to Mexico border
  5. Trump abortion rule deals ‘devastating blow’ to Planned Parenthood.
  6. Latest numbers prove Trumps tax break benefited every bracket- EXCEPT MILLIONAIRES.
  7. The Trump DOJ scores rare win on sanctuary city crackdown in appeals court
  8. Trump encourages adoption: It ‘signals every child – born or unborn – is wanted and loved’
  9. Trump Drives Down Price Of F-35 Fighter 25% From Obama Level
  10. Тrump Removеѕ Мuslim Fеderal Јudge Fоr Тrying Тo Implеment Ѕharia Lаw In Аmeriсa
  11. Secondary Reinforcement wall construction nears completion in San Diego
  12. Our President gave America the most glorious and spectacular non-partisan 4th of July celebration in history in spite of strong opposition from the left.
  13. Trump administration is ‘moving forward’ with adding the citizenship question to the census in spite of Pelosi’s claims that her voters are too stupid to answer a yes or no question.
  14. Under President Trump, the United States has Liberated All ISIS-Controlled Territory
  15. Trump Unveils Plan To Forgive Student Loans For Disabled Veterans
  16. Trump’s Leaner White House 2019 Payroll Has Already Saved Taxpayers $20 Million
  17. The stock market reached another all-time record high with only half a day of trading on July, 3rd. 2019
  18. Trump signs measure aimed at Preventing Veteran Suicides
  19. Trump signs Major public lands Conservation bill into law
  20. Crossing The Border Illegally Is Harder Than It’s Been In 50 Years

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